Moved & Shaken


Silver Strand, Co. Donegal, Ireland: Chance, discovery, wonder while travelling Sept. 2015

Discovery, at core, is the humility to un-know. “Un-knowing” isn’t abandoning what experiences have carried us to the present circumstance; rather it’s a conscious suspension of predilections in order to extend and expand our understanding. I think it’s the capacity for wonder–the ability to be moved by an unexpected moment–that is one of our most human of powers. I can’t imagine living any other way.

In the world of LIS, we note the “movers and shakers”: those who are inspiring to the profession. To inspire, we need the inspired. We need those who can drop the mantel of “knowing enough” and have the courage of curiosity. A radical embrace of childlike delight is powerful.

We need to cultivate our own capacities to be “moved and shaken”.


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