Notes on the 6th digital ethnography reading (Pink, Horst, Postill et al 2016)

Another title to add to my readings in digital anthropology in contexts. #icqi2016


Digital Ethnography

By Allister Hill
PhD student
Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC)
RMIT University, Melbourne

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On Tuesday 15 December we wrapped up the last of the Digital Ethnography Reading Sessions (DERS) for the year by reading the introductory chapter to ‘Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practice’ by DERC’s own collective of esteemed academics – Pink, Horst, Postill, Hjorth, Lewis, & Tacchi (2016). As a concise argument (or perhaps even befuddlement), engaging with this collaboration was a way for to celebrate ‘the reason for the season’, aka why we are all here at the Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC).

Being the first major collaborative book that focuses purely on digital ethnography this was a chance for the group to get stuck into what is essentially a primer for the expanding discipline. First up we all agreed that the intro chapter gave a nice accessible…

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